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Off the plan, and out of pocket!

THE property market is booming, and dodgy developers are having a field day. First home buyers are having their lives snatched out from under them. As with any gold rush, opportunism and unscrupulous behaviour are rife. Experts have warned of a growing number of developers cynically exploiting exit clauses to cancel off-the-plan contracts in a bid to resell properties at higher prices, leaving many first home buyers unable to buy back into the rising market with their original deposit. For first home buyers in Sydney, where the median house price has increased by around 14 per cent over the past 12 months alone,... View article »
Posted in Contracts, Investment on 31st October, 2015

Curran adopts Third Floor 3D technology

Sydney (Wednesday October 1, 2015) One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, The Third Floor, is the first to market with a brand new 3D cloud marketing platform. Glenn Curran is quoted on this exciting new technology. Third Floor 3D ( is a premium, cloud-based real estate marketing tool designed to make selling a property, a virtual, 24/7 experience. “By putting the traditional open house into a 3D online world, Third Floor 3D allows real estate agents to present their client’s property for sale in the best possible light,” said Luke Maddison, Head of Business Development, The Third Floor. “Third Floor 3D isn’t... View article »
Posted in Property presentation, Technology on 31st October, 2015

The hidden cost of non-compliance

Residents of Melbourne apartment building which caught fire due to illegal Chinese cladding forced to pay $20 million replacement cost. It was the fire that occurred due to confusing building regulations, a regulatory failure and governments asleep at the wheel. Which makes it even harder for owners of apartments in Melbourne's Lacrosse building to pay the $20 million cost of replacing illegal cladding encasing their building - roughly $40,000 per apartment. In November, 2014, the Alucobest cladding on the Docklands building caught fire after a cigarette butt accidentally ignited the blaze on a sixth floor balcony. Melbourne City Council originally signed off on the... View article »
Posted in Building regulations, Buyer beware on 31st October, 2015