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It might be cooler, but the bubble isn’t going to burst

I’ve read and watched with interest lately all the chatter going around the property market around the so-called bubble burst. We all know that given the boom the market has experienced in recent years that it has been, and will remain, a hot media topic. While I don’t want to simply add to the reams of copy on this subject, I’m often asked for my opinion on where the market is headed: in a nutshell, given the data I’ve seen and the market analysis my team has done with our clients, I think the debate raging about the bubble bursting... View article »
Posted in Investment, Property presentation, Real estate commentary on 23rd December, 2015

Highly Defined – Make sure you stand out from the crowd!

There's no doubt that video is an important tool for increasing client engagement and conversion. If you needed any convincing just look at some of the statistics available. For example, according to Mist Media, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Web developers Unbounce claim that using video on a landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. And when marketers include video in email, according to Forrester, click through rates increase 200% - 300%. So it's no surprise the real estate industry is increasingly adopting the use of video to showcase prestige properties. Team Curran... View article »
Posted in Property presentation, Technology, Video marketing on 15th December, 2015

Technology should be your friend, not your enemy.

I’ve always looked at technology as something I should embrace in my business. With the speed at which different technology types have changed our world, it’s only natural that real estate would be a key industry to feel the effects of this change. We’re always looking at new ways we can assist our vendors in getting the right marketing technology platform to help drive their property sale. We rigorously test and analyse anything we bring on board to ensure that it enhances the property selling and buying process. And by doing so we’ve been at the forefront of a whole range... View article »