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How your culture will affect your future success

Howard Schultz, the legendary founder and CEO of Starbucks, once said, “The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company”. It’s a sentiment that I think is just as relatable in real estate as it is in selling cups of coffee: The culture you create is a key driver in what sets you apart from your competition. Just like the coffee market, we have an industry of competitors both large and small. But there’s a bigger reason why I believe culture is important. More than just setting you apart from your competition, building a strong culture... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Real estate commentary, Recruitment on 28th September, 2016

5 skills successful agents of the future will have in common

In building my business, I’ve taken a different approach to recruitment than many of my competitors. Rather than simply hire agents with many years industry experience, I’ve focused on finding people with the best skills in areas such as sales and marketing, irrespective of their background. As a result my team’s employment history is incredibly diverse and their skillsets range from technology sales through to PR and media. This approach is backed by a recent University of Phoenix study into the future of work, which found “what makes a group truly intelligent and innovative is the combination of different ages,... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Innovation, Recruitment, Resourcing on 2nd March, 2016

Your reputation is the most valuable thing you own.

I recently wrote about my thoughts on the recent anti-underquoting legislation. Since the new legislation was announced, which I broadly support, I’ve noticed a number of overly negative stories in the media. Now this may simply be the government supporting their legislation with tough talk about “crackdowns’ and ‘shonky behaviour’ to appease the masses, however I don’t see much coverage on what the new legislation actually encompasses. Most of the changes are aimed at providing clarity around setting and reviewing price estimates. They require greater transparency in how selling prices are determined (or reviewed), including justification in writing to the client... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Legislation, Real estate commentary on 12th February, 2016

It may be the end for the ‘corner shop’ real estate, but not the end of the agent!

In today’s fast changing environment, we’ve seen the way we interact shift dramatically. Technology has changed the way we communicate: think smartphones and social media. Technology has disrupted the traditional way of doing things: think of Uber or AirBnB. We’ve also seen the shift in the way businesses serve the community. The small shopping precincts are being replaced with larger retail hubs and online shopping. This trend has also affected the real estate industry and it’s easy to see why. I’m a big believer in the theory that a good agent can sell property anywhere; we don’t need an expensive office... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Technology on 1st February, 2016

Under-quoting: Fact or fiction?

I support any regulation that increases transparency in real estate transactions and improves the perception of our industry in the eyes of the public. The new legislation attempts to provide more clarity around what constitutes under-quoting, so I’m broadly supportive. I’m not suggesting this practice of under-quoting never happens however, is it a widespread problem in NSW – the answer is no. Why do I say that? Fair Trading do a great job protecting consumers’ rights and they’ve been looking at this issue for years. Section 73 of the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 (The Act) makes underbidding an... View article »