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It might be cooler, but the bubble isn’t going to burst

I’ve read and watched with interest lately all the chatter going around the property market around the so-called bubble burst. We all know that given the boom the market has experienced in recent years that it has been, and will remain, a hot media topic. While I don’t want to simply add to the reams of copy on this subject, I’m often asked for my opinion on where the market is headed: in a nutshell, given the data I’ve seen and the market analysis my team has done with our clients, I think the debate raging about the bubble bursting... View article »
Posted in Investment, Property presentation, Real estate commentary on 23rd December, 2015

Off the plan, and out of pocket!

THE property market is booming, and dodgy developers are having a field day. First home buyers are having their lives snatched out from under them. As with any gold rush, opportunism and unscrupulous behaviour are rife. Experts have warned of a growing number of developers cynically exploiting exit clauses to cancel off-the-plan contracts in a bid to resell properties at higher prices, leaving many first home buyers unable to buy back into the rising market with their original deposit. For first home buyers in Sydney, where the median house price has increased by around 14 per cent over the past 12 months alone,... View article »
Posted in Contracts, Investment on 31st October, 2015