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3 reasons why the upper North Shore is a hot spot

With the election behind us, it’s worth looking at the road ahead for the upper North Shore. It’s our core market and we’re involved in it on a daily basis. After feedback from some of our clients, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on what I see as the key points to consider in the market for the next few months. Sydney’s North Shore out-performs other areas The North Shore continues to be ‘hot house’ bucking the trends across the rest of Sydney and the rest of the country. I’ve written recently about the real benefits to selling in the... View article »

Property and the Federal election: What you need to know

As we head to the polls this weekend, it’s been hard to escape the coverage of the 2016 Federal election. Like you, I’m tired of the seemingly endless campaign and the constant political advertising! It’s also clear that real estate has been a hot topic in the 2016 campaign; namely housing affordability and negative gearing. Given many Australian’s have structured their wealth creation around property, its not surprising. In fact overall I think it’s a good thing that real estate is a part of the debate. It’s a crucial sector for the economy as well as an indicator for other issues/challenges. But... View article »