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How your culture will affect your future success

Howard Schultz, the legendary founder and CEO of Starbucks, once said, “The only competitive advantage we have is the culture and values of the company”. It’s a sentiment that I think is just as relatable in real estate as it is in selling cups of coffee: The culture you create is a key driver in what sets you apart from your competition. Just like the coffee market, we have an industry of competitors both large and small. But there’s a bigger reason why I believe culture is important. More than just setting you apart from your competition, building a strong culture... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Real estate commentary, Recruitment on 28th September, 2016

The rise of the Millennial Generation: How does real estate adapt?

This week I was fortunate enough to speak at the Business of Real Estate event on the Gold Coast. It was a great couple of days involving some industry heavyweights, with a lot of thought-provoking material covered. Like many of the posts on Curran Insights, my topic area was looking to the future of our industry, in particular the make up of the future real estate agent. I thought I’d share a few of the key points from my presentation. What’s the biggest factor driving the future agent? Some people probably think technology. While regular readers will know I’m an unabashed fan... View article »
Posted in Mobility, Real estate commentary, Recruitment on 15th September, 2016

Glenn Curran presents at ‘Business of Real Estate’

This week I presented at the Business of Real Estate event on the Gold Coast. This event brings together industry leaders to talk about the future of real estate and the key trends and challenges we face. I spoke about the future real estate agent: what do they look like and how do we need to adapt our business to attract the best talent. I’ve attached a PDF copy here for those of you interested, I’ll also be writing further on the themes raised here over the next few weeks. Download a copy of my presentation here. View article »
Posted in Mobility, Real estate commentary, Recruitment, Technology on 15th September, 2016

Fear or ignorance? 5 Reasons why you can’t fall behind in embracing technology

Have you read any industry news lately? There are the predictable pieces on housing prices and “hot” suburbs to watch out for. Then there’s the chest thumping articles about legislation, such as reaction to Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing. However the posts that grab my interest the most are about us: what makes an agent successful? In particular, that technology is a mere “fad” and that good old fashioned sales skills are all you need to be successful. At some levels, I agree. You need the basics in any sales job. However, this fear of technology is a real inhibitor... View article »

5 skills successful agents of the future will have in common

In building my business, I’ve taken a different approach to recruitment than many of my competitors. Rather than simply hire agents with many years industry experience, I’ve focused on finding people with the best skills in areas such as sales and marketing, irrespective of their background. As a result my team’s employment history is incredibly diverse and their skillsets range from technology sales through to PR and media. This approach is backed by a recent University of Phoenix study into the future of work, which found “what makes a group truly intelligent and innovative is the combination of different ages,... View article »
Posted in Ethical practice, Innovation, Recruitment, Resourcing on 2nd March, 2016