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Off market selling: Is it a good option?

It’s a question I’ve heard raised a little recently: Is there any value in selling my property off market? With real estate prominently in the press for a variety of reasons, from housing affordability to the auction clearance rates, I’m not surprised there’s interest in new ways to sell a property. Selling off market for those of you not familiar with the term, is to sell your property without a public listing and marketing campaign to drive buyer interest. There’s some suggestion it’s on the rise, especially in the major capital cities. For me, I would question whether the rise is... View article »

Social media: It’s more than just a sales tool

A recent Google study found that more and more consumers are going online in their search for an agent to sell their home. In 2014 this trend grew 14% alone. To be fair, that’s hardly surprising when pretty much everyone lives online these days. But how are we as an industry leveraging and adapting to this shift in the market? Like many industries, digital marketing is not new to real estate. Your website is the first thing one thing you need to get right, but there’s lots more to attracting our vendors and buyers online. Take social media for example: In my... View article »

Savvy Sydneysiders still seeing great results

Despite the constant coverage about the property market cooling, our vendors have bucked the trend and we've seen some outstanding results. From a record sale in Killara to raft of other good auction results, our clients have shown that the market is still strong, particularly on the lower north shore. I think it shows that despite a slow down year on year, you will still see price growth in 2016. Here’s some recent media coverage of the results our vendors have achieved: Linfield property snapped up for $4.25m Record upper north shore sale in Killara We also recorded one of our recent auctions of a... View article »
Posted in Real estate commentary, Sales Effectiveness on 10th May, 2016

Fear or ignorance? 5 Reasons why you can’t fall behind in embracing technology

Have you read any industry news lately? There are the predictable pieces on housing prices and “hot” suburbs to watch out for. Then there’s the chest thumping articles about legislation, such as reaction to Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing. However the posts that grab my interest the most are about us: what makes an agent successful? In particular, that technology is a mere “fad” and that good old fashioned sales skills are all you need to be successful. At some levels, I agree. You need the basics in any sales job. However, this fear of technology is a real inhibitor... View article »

Technology should be your friend, not your enemy.

I’ve always looked at technology as something I should embrace in my business. With the speed at which different technology types have changed our world, it’s only natural that real estate would be a key industry to feel the effects of this change. We’re always looking at new ways we can assist our vendors in getting the right marketing technology platform to help drive their property sale. We rigorously test and analyse anything we bring on board to ensure that it enhances the property selling and buying process. And by doing so we’ve been at the forefront of a whole range... View article »

Does your agent really need local knowledge?

Many agents think local knowledge is their best asset. There's no doubt it's an important part of every successful sale but it certainly shouldn't be the main reason for selecting your agent. The traditional model of real estate agencies working exclusively in small territories is changing. And that's good news for buyers and sellers. Read ten agent websites and every one will claim to be the expert in this suburb or that. So clearly it's no longer a differentiating factor in selecting the right agent for your transaction. Many vendors would rightly suggest local knowledge is a minimum expectation and runs a distant second to... View article »
Posted in Buyer beware, Sales Effectiveness on 1st November, 2015