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Glenn Curran wins 2016 North Shore Businessperson of the year

I received a very unexpected but welcome accolade last night at the Local Business Awards. Very humbled to receive the North Shore Businessperson of the year for 2016, especially given the calibre of the finalist’s I was up against. There are some great business leaders on the north shore; it certainly was a crack field. It was a double celebration for Curran Property, with the team also recognised as a finalist for the real estate business of the year. This award has added to what has been a great year with a number of highlights such as achieving a record upper... View article »
Posted in Community involvement, Upper North Shore Real Estate on 11th November, 2016

Off market selling: Is it a good option?

It’s a question I’ve heard raised a little recently: Is there any value in selling my property off market? With real estate prominently in the press for a variety of reasons, from housing affordability to the auction clearance rates, I’m not surprised there’s interest in new ways to sell a property. Selling off market for those of you not familiar with the term, is to sell your property without a public listing and marketing campaign to drive buyer interest. There’s some suggestion it’s on the rise, especially in the major capital cities. For me, I would question whether the rise is... View article »

The rise of the ‘smart home’: Will it add value to your property?

I was speaking with a good friend the other day and she explained a story about a colleague of hers that was using an Apple Watch to remotely turn off lights her kids keep leaving on! This technology is advancing quickly so that you now have the ability to control your home environment, via a wide range of appliances and utilities, from anywhere with a WIFI connection. I’ve written before about the role technology plays in real estate from an agent’s point of view. We like to think we’re ahead of the curve in the industry when it comes to technology... View article »

3 reasons why the upper North Shore is a hot spot

With the election behind us, it’s worth looking at the road ahead for the upper North Shore. It’s our core market and we’re involved in it on a daily basis. After feedback from some of our clients, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on what I see as the key points to consider in the market for the next few months. Sydney’s North Shore out-performs other areas The North Shore continues to be ‘hot house’ bucking the trends across the rest of Sydney and the rest of the country. I’ve written recently about the real benefits to selling in the... View article »