Highly Defined – Make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Highly Defined – Make sure you stand out from the crowd!

There’s no doubt that video is an important tool for increasing client engagement and conversion. If you needed any convincing just look at some of the statistics available. For example, according to Mist Media, the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Web developers Unbounce claim that using video on a landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. And when marketers include video in email, according to Forrester, click through rates increase 200% – 300%.

So it’s no surprise the real estate industry is increasingly adopting the use of video to showcase prestige properties. Team Curran was an early adopter of this trend and I believe the use of high definition (HD) video is crucial to presenting luxury properties in the best possible light. Our interstate and international clients rely heavily on our HD productions to finalise their selections before committing to travel for an inspection.

When I first began producing video I noticed a significant improvement in client engagement on our website. The short-form videos we produce are designed for our social media generation. Video is the fastest way to share information; it inspires, provokes and excites. We create authentic property videos that capture the human element of a home, a suburb and the lifestyle experience. Video can hugely impact your marketing campaign by driving more traffic to your property. With video on your property’s webpage, visitors will stay twice as long as those without video. And they’re also more likely to return and watch it a further two or three times. 73% of home owners say they are more likely to list their home with an agent who offers this service for their property. And that translates directly to a faster, more efficient sales process for our clients.

But there’s more to a great video than just point and shoot. So what constitutes a great video and what should you expect? I believe in working with the best, so we’ve partnered with a provider that uses broadcast-quality equipment and lighting to create the highest quality HD video available. We oversee the entire process and I believe this is critical to achieving a professional-looking result that our vendors can benefit from. The starting point for every production is a storyboard walkthrough. We create a story when selling your property, taking particular care to create multiple viewing angles to ensure we highlight and showcase the property’s best features. It’s this attention to detail that’s the difference between a good HD video and a great one. All our productions are around 90 seconds, which we’ve found to be the most effective length for engaging buyers online.

In today’s crowded market a comprehensive marketing campaign is essential to ensure your property stands out; it’s an investment towards ensuring you get maximum value for your property. Now we can also combine other video technology, such as drones and 3D virtual tours, into our premium marketing packages to really highlight and differentiate marque properties. Drones can not only be used to show the property’s footprint but also proximity to local schools and shops. The new 3D virtual tours allow the visitor to get an accurate picture of the physical dimensions of each room and living areas.

Today’s buyers will spend hours researching online. In fact 70% of the sales process may be done before making first contact with an agent. The use of these new video techniques and tools means potential clients can use their PC, tablet or mobile device to research at any time of the day or night, no matter if they’re in Sydney or Beijing. HD video has become a valuable and necessary tool for the agent and vendor, especially for luxury properties. It engages potential buyers like no other media and, if done well, can mean the difference between a long, drawn-out process and a fast sale at a maximised price.

Posted in Property presentation, Technology, Video marketing on 15th December, 2015

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