Selling Advice


“You get one chance to make a good impression”…  In the field of Real Estate marketing, this impression will have a direct and very real impact on your end result.  Remember, you are competing for buyer interest…

Properly preparing your home to meet and exceed market expectations will greatly assist in the selling process.  The correct preparation can set your home apart from the competition and give you a competitive edge.  The added appeal of a well presented home, with the right finishing touches will attract and capture more buyer interest and enhance the markets perception of value.  These effects are compounded through increased activity and competition resulting in a timely sale at a premium price.

Attract the ideal buyers for your home by taking into consideration your ideal ‘target market’ and the attributes they will most value. Team Curran's agents are skilled and experienced in assessing and providing accurate advice on ‘target marketing’ and property preparation to ensure both you and your property are ready to meet and compete in today’s marketplace.


Is there a ‘best time’ to sell? The fact is, properties are selling all year round.  Many sellers wait for spring or summer to launch their home onto the market.  It might be the case there is increased buyer activity during this time.  Is this however ‘cause and effect’…?  One must also take into consideration the increased competition from the surge of new listings available to buyers. Prices and clearance rates are directly influenced by ‘supply and demand’…

There are a myriad of factors that may be considered when deciding on the timing of your sale.  These factors may relate to weather conditions, market activity, traffic conditions, economic factors, property cycles and so on…   Attempting to manage all these factors would possibly require more good luck than good management.  The best time to sell therefore, is the time that best suits you and your family.   Properties are constantly selling and individual properties when professionally represented will always attract buyer interest.  Getting the right advice and choosing the right partner will ensure you get the right price whatever the timing of your sale.


The ‘astute seller’ does not choose an agent to merely sell their property, they choose a partner to represent and guide them in the marketing and sale of their home…

Your choice of agent will most certainly have a direct and very real impact on the results you achieve.  Whilst ‘the price’ is often the main focus of both sellers and agents alike, it is a misguided approach.  If it is a premium price you desire it is the ‘process’ you should be focused on!

It is too easy to quote high figures and even easier to ask for a premium price...   “ask and you shall receive” right? Wrong!  If you intend to rate your success by the price you achieve and the time it takes to achieve it, then you need a plan, you need the right strategies and you need the right partner...

When you choose your agent, you are choosing professional representation.  Choose a professional with a proven record of success.  Choose a professional that understands modern marketing strategy and selling methodologies.  Choose a partner that demonstrates the ability to manage the project. The project is the implementation, management and completion of the plan they have designed and customised for the successful sale of your home.

Whilst you ultimately choose an individual to partner with, you are also choosing the company behind them.  Ensure this company does have the right infrastructure in place to support you and your agent.  Infrastructure does not relate to a corner shop window.  If your agent is promoting the virtues of a shop window to sell your home they are living in a bygone era.  Interview them on their media and marketing departments, their team support, online systems and networks, ongoing training and professional development, quality control measures and compliance auditing.  It is usually not difficult to identify a modern state of the art Real Estate company, they look and operate considerably different to over 90% of current agencies…

You should always negotiate on commission.  Not necessarily to find the cheapest agent, but to test that individuals negotiating ability and their resolve and fortitude when challenged.  Negotiating ability is one of the key attributes your Real Estate partner must possess.  A word of warning; if you are searching for the cheapest agent be very careful, you just might find them!

You are choosing professional representation, that is, you are choosing an individual and by extension a company to represent you and your property in the marketplace.  You are choosing a partner – Look for professionalism, skill, knowledge, presentation and the right fit for you!

Do not leave your success to chance, the price for doing so is often very expensive.


There are various ‘Methods’ of sale such as, private treaty, auction, expression of interest, tender or for sale by negotiation.  Fundamentally however, there are two differences and you have two choices; you can either market and sell your property with a price or without a price.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with both.  It is imperative that you, as the seller make the right choice, the right decision for you and your property.  The right decision is an informed decision.  Your agent should fully explain your options and the associated pros and cons with each.  A professional recommendation should be made with justification for such advice.  In keeping with our ‘Enhanced Service Charter’ your Team Curran representative will fully explain all options with your absolute interest at heart.  That is our guarantee and that is how together we will achieve ‘Success by Design’


A critical element to the successful sale of your property is a deliberate and carefully considered marketing programme.  You must understand that your ‘Time on Market’ and level of genuine ‘Buyer Activity’ will have a direct impact on the price you achieve. Both elements are directly associated with ‘Buyer Perception’ and this perception strongly influences how the buyer ‘feels’ about your home and what they are prepared to pay for it.

The evolution of Real Estate marketing is without doubt one the dominant differentiators within the Real Estate industry.  Unfortunately the traditional ‘corner shop’ agencies have failed to evolve, embrace and keep pace with modern marketing strategies.  As such most Real Estate agents market like Real Estate agents as apposed to skilled marketers, to the determinant of their respective clients.  Team Curran understand the very real benefits of ‘Target marketing’, the importance of engaging buyers on an emotional level and when we represent you and your home we do so competitively. We are aggressively competing to generate buyer interest in your home aiming always to capture and channel their focus.


Whatever your reasons or motivations, once you have made the decision to sell a number of questions and concerns immediately spring to mind, including;  “what is my house worth?” and “how long will it take to sell?”  For you and your family, these are prudent and critical considerations.

The age-old adage that ‘the market dictates the price’ has some truth, but stops short of taking into consideration many variable factors.

The market will ultimately determine what it is prepared to pay based on perception, market conditions and competition.  Unfortunately you cannot control market conditions but you can and do influence ‘market perception’ as you do and can ‘buyer competition’.  In fact, whether you know it or not, you and your agent directly influence these factors from the very moment you list your property for sale.  The only difference is some do it by ‘default’ and some do it by ‘design’!

Forming or basing an opinion based on recent comparable sales is very difficult as no two properties are identical.  As such ‘pricing’, ‘appraising’ or ‘valuing’ is both speculative and subjective.  It is not an exact science.  Speak to ten different ‘experts’ and you may well get ten different opinions.  And as a result of this wide-ranging ‘advice’ you run the risk of making a decision with potentially disastrous consequences.  Price your home too low and you will most likely achieve a timely sale, but at what cost to you and your family?  Price too high and you will surely miss the market resulting in either becoming over exposed and stale or jumping on the very slippery slide of ‘price reductions’. Consider very carefully the potential cost of the advice you are accepting! Some if not many agents will attempt to win your business by simply ‘feeding the greed’ (industry expression!) and quoting high appraisal figures.  The quoted price should never be the reason for selecting your Real Estate representative.

If after speaking to a number of agents you remain unsure or unconvinced, you may opt to get a bank valuation as reassurance and peace of mind.

Remember it is you and you alone that should decide on your pricing strategy.  Therefore you need the right information and the correct advice to allow you to make an informed decision.  Our pricing strategy will be discussed, explained and supported in the most professional of manners.