Social media: It’s more than just a sales tool

Social media: It’s more than just a sales tool

A recent Google study found that more and more consumers are going online in their search for an agent to sell their home. In 2014 this trend grew 14% alone. To be fair, that’s hardly surprising when pretty much everyone lives online these days.

But how are we as an industry leveraging and adapting to this shift in the market? Like many industries, digital marketing is not new to real estate. Your website is the first thing one thing you need to get right, but there’s lots more to attracting our vendors and buyers online.

Take social media for example: In my experience your social media marketing needs to be more than simply showcasing the properties you have for sale or have recently sold. The best agencies in my opinion, like any technology available to us today, have embraced social as a way to do things differently.

Build a community

Billionaire businessman and Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner Mark Cuban called social media “just a platform”. He’s right. And because it is a platform we can view it as something we can build on, especially when it comes to managing our online community.

What do I mean by that? Take Facebook as an example. What we should be focusing on is building a community of followers, people who are interested in real estate in the areas in which we operate. These followers aren’t just interested in what we sell; they’re interested in accessing information about the local and wider market, about trends in real estate in general. That means we need to make our social presence less about selling and more about engaging and educating.

For us at Curran, staying connected to our online community is absolutely paramount to our success.

Educate the market

Those reading this blog right now have most likely accessed it via my social media on either LinkedIn or Facebook. We’ve used our presence to amplify our content to the market, building the profile of our business. I’m a big believer in connecting my blog page, Curran Insights, with social as a way of connecting our followers to the information we’re making available.

Social media has made that easier than ever before and it’s a great way to let our community know our position on key issues and topics that affect the industry and our clients. The more diversity of opinion the better! I’m sold on social; it’s certainly helped us grow and better engage with our community.

Social media is influencing technology

Social media usage is at an all-time high; people of all ages and demographics are using it, so it’s no wonder this format is being incorporated into new technologies for our industry. Take Followit, a Sydney based local tech start up that is taking the concept of social media and turning it into a specific app for connecting buyers to real estate they might be interested in buying. It aggregates information from numerous online sources to build a ‘feed’ according to the user’s specific requirements so they save valuable time by only seeing the most relevant content. It’s like an Instagram or Facebook specifically for real estate. While I’m in no way endorsing their offering, it shows on the power of social media is changing the way we operate.

Up skill yourself

I’m always looking to take a leading position on new technology. There’s numerous ways you can learn more; I’m always looking for new ways to market our business and I’m investing in training the team on digital and social marketing skills.  If you need further convincing, there’s some great social media stats on Josh Cobb’s social media blog.

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