Curran adopts Third Floor 3D technology

Curran adopts Third Floor 3D technology

Sydney (Wednesday October 1, 2015) One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, The Third Floor, is the first to market with a brand new 3D cloud marketing platform. Glenn Curran is quoted on this exciting new technology.

Third Floor 3D ( is a premium, cloud-based real estate marketing tool designed to make selling a property, a virtual, 24/7 experience.

“By putting the traditional open house into a 3D online world, Third Floor 3D allows real estate agents to present their client’s property for sale in the best possible light,” said Luke Maddison, Head of Business Development, The Third Floor.

“Third Floor 3D isn’t designed to replace a traditional open for inspection, but it will enable buyers to more efficiently zero in on a short list of desirable properties to inspect.

“With Third Floor 3D, aspiring buyers can now “walk through” the entire property online and, unlike other more cumbersome marketing tools, gain a more accurate appreciation for its physical space and dimensions.

“Utilising the 3D walkthrough, doll house and floor plan views, Third Floor 3D enables committed buyers and investors to understand the exact layout of a property before inspecting it in person,” said Maddison.

Despite real estate markets around Australia enjoying record returns over the last three years, securing listings remains the number one challenge for agents, and Janeece Keller, CEO of The Third Floor expects that Third Floor 3D will help solve this issue.

“Savvy real estate firms are looking to add additional value wherever possible and to be seen as the number one agent of choice in their patch,” said Keller.

“Like many industries where competition is strong, real estate agencies are finding that identifying a competitive edge is difficult, meaning they’re receptive to new platforms that provide their clients, both buyers and sellers, with more service options.

“The Third Floor 3D offering is ideally suited to those real estate agencies looking to provide a premium marketing solution to their clients.

Third Floor 3D team films the property on behalf of a real estate agent and then hosts the image online through its cloud service.

“We are therefore enabling a real estate agent to offer a service that they put little or no physical effort into creating at a competitive price point that they can pass onto their client,” said Ms Keller

“Third Floor 3D also takes the hassle out of production, publishing, hosting and management of the 3D images for the real estate agency, while providing a simple predictable billing method that’s scalable enough to meet a wide range of customer requirements.”

Glenn Curran, an existing Third Floor 3D user, believes the technology will be a marketing game changer for real estate.

“Gone are the days when there were only one or two open for inspections a week per property,” said Curran

“With buyers living nationally and internationally, Third Floor 3D is the perfect cloud-based tool that gives a vendor the ability to present a property for sale 24/7.

“For out-of-town buyers, they can visit a property at a time of their choosing, walk through it as if they were there, and have a complete understanding of its features.

“We see this technology as the perfect addition to our existing marketing activities.”

Public Relations Contact: Anthony O’Brien, Corpwrite Australia

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