Technology should be your friend, not your enemy.

Technology should be your friend, not your enemy.

I’ve always looked at technology as something I should embrace in my business. With the speed at which different technology types have changed our world, it’s only natural that real estate would be a key industry to feel the effects of this change.

We’re always looking at new ways we can assist our vendors in getting the right marketing technology platform to help drive their property sale. We rigorously test and analyse anything we bring on board to ensure that it enhances the property selling and buying process. And by doing so we’ve been at the forefront of a whole range of different technology programs specifically designed for marketing real estate. Technology like Third Floor 3D ( has enhanced the way we market a property, giving our vendors access to potential buyers 24/7 through the use of 3D modelling. As agents, we need to be comfortable with these types of platforms and use them to benefit our clients.

With that in mind, it amazes me that many of my industry colleagues are still afraid to engage these technology platforms with their clients. I encourage my team to make technology their ally, not something they should be scared of. I’m not suggesting that technology should replace having a brilliant real estate agent: in fact having the right person looking after your property should still be the number 1 goal. But if the right technology platform is available to help your agent better market and ultimately sell your property, shouldn’t you, the vendor, be receiving the best package available?

Ultimately, I think you need to carefully consider technology when you’re choosing your agent. Here are some tips you need to consider when an agent put’s a marketing package in front of you:

Will this make my property more accessible to buyers?

A strong marketing package should be getting your property in front of more buyers. At Curran, we’ve pioneered the use of HD video and 3D technology that means you’re property is always on sale 24/7. If a buyer wants to browse your property at 10pm on a Thursday night while sitting in front of the TV, we can make sure that they have best possible online experience.

Does the package reach the right target market?

Your marketing package should be flexible enough to allow you to target different buyers. A good example is 3D: when we include this in our package it provides an online “24/7 virtual tour”, instantly exposing the property to thousands more buyers researching properties online from interstate and overseas. As the Sydney property market continues to attract strong international interest, having a technology solution that enhances access for people overseas is crucial. Being able to look at your property in Beijing or London in 3D at a time that’s convenient to the potential buyer is a huge advantage. We can capture their details and ensure that they have everything they need to know about your property wherever they are in the world.

Does it make it easy for a potential buyer to use?

When a buyer is engaging with your property, is there technology available that makes the whole process simple and user friendly? A good example is the use of HD, scripted video. I’ve seen how this can provide potential buyers with a fantastic overview of a client’s property, as well as the surrounding amenities such as transport, schools and other key local selling points. In fact our team as this down to a fine art and we’ve built numerous examples of how the latest HD technology can showcase your property. Another good example is how we use technology to capture potential buyers details. Products like Homepass ( have made it easy for my team to ensure that buyers can simply register their interest in a property when visiting one of our open houses through their smart phone, meaning we have their key data simply by utilising this handy app.

So next time your selling property, make sure that you’re examining the best marketing technologies that are available. Embrace technology as your friend, it really could make a huge difference in gaining the right outcome with your property.

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