Does your agent really need local knowledge?

Does your agent really need local knowledge?

Many agents think local knowledge is their best asset. There’s no doubt it’s an important part of every successful sale but it certainly shouldn’t be the main reason for selecting your agent.

The traditional model of real estate agencies working exclusively in small territories is changing. And that’s good news for buyers and sellers. Read ten agent websites and every one will claim to be the expert in this suburb or that. So clearly it’s no longer a differentiating factor in selecting the right agent for your transaction. Many vendors would rightly suggest local knowledge is a minimum expectation and runs a distant second to factors such as integrity and demonstrated sales expertise.

The traditional model is changing as the industry evolves. Technology, social media and our ‘always-on’ digital economy is enabled agents to break out of the village concept and offer greater value for vendors.

Posted in Buyer beware, Sales Effectiveness on 1st November, 2015

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